Research Assistant or Technician  in Genomics

We have one open position for a junior Research Assistant or Research Technician  in Genomics. Please find detailed information and link to the application  system (MyNetwork) following the link below. Application deadline is February 30th 2021.

The available research assistant or technician position concerns developing and applying novel genomic techniques to facilitate the identification and susceptibility to drug treatment for viral and microbial pathogens. The candidate will contribute to method optimization and will assist lab members with molecular biology work such as NGS library preparation, cell culture, protocol optimization, and RNA/protein expression analysis. The selected person will contribute to the development and scaling up of novel high-throughput NGS approaches aimed to facilitate sample genotyping as well as to investigate RNA abundance and degradation.

The candidate will also help other team members with inventory, orders and general laboratory duties. A successful candidate is expected to assist the group leader and other senior lab members of the lab in issues related to general laboratory development and organization. The candidate will be able to develop his/her skill set and will be encouraged to perform original research in genomics. The candidate is expected to be self-driven and contribute his/her own ideas for the development of better research and diagnostic tools. The ideal candidate is expected to participate in the general duties of the team and to effectively communicate with scientists of very diverse backgrounds in a highly interdisciplinary and international environment.

Please apply and find more information and apply using the following link: