Course: “Genomics for Biomedical scientist: Handle your gene expression data”

I am organizing together with my colleague Claudia Kutter a PhD course to help decreasing the gap between wet-lab and computational interpretation “Genomics for Biomedical scientist: Handle your gene expression data“.

“The biomedical field has experienced a revolution thanks to the development of the massive parallel sequencing technologies. Now we can obtain the complete genetic information of a patient in a few days and with a limited cost. However, there is a gap between the application of classical molecular biology tools and the full use of the current genomic and computational approaches. The course will give students an introduction to genomics of gene regulation, with special emphasis on how genomic tools can be applied to the student’s research. The students will be made aware of ethical aspects in relation to the technical progress.”

Course dates: 2019-02-04 — 2019-02-08

Application Deadline 15th Nov 2018