crosstalk between ribosome biogenesis and transcription elongation

Our collaborators from Sebastian Chavez lab (Seville)  have just published a new paper showing the crosstalk between ribosome biogenesis and transcription elongation. Glad to have contributed to this story.   The ribosome assembly gene network is controlled by the feedback regulation of transcription elongation. Fernando Gómez-Herreros Thanasis Margaritis Olga Rodríguez-Galán Vicent Pelechano Victoria Begley Gonzalo Millán-Zambrano Macarena[…]

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Postdoctoral stipend in Genomics / Computational Biology

We have currently one postdoctoral positions (stipend) open for autumn 2017. Please find detailed information and link to the application  system (MyNetwork) following the link below. Application deadline is October 2nd. Postdoctoral stipend in Genomics / Computational Biology The available postdoctoral position concerns developing and applying novel genomic and computational approaches to study ribosome dynamics and RNA metabolism, and[…]


Using 5PSeq to unravel eIF5A dependent ribosome stalling

We have just published our first work 100% performed in our new lab at SciLifeLab-Karolinska Institutet. It has been a great collaboration with Dr. Paula Alepuz from the University of Valencia (Spain) eIF5A facilitates translation termination globally and promotes the elongation of many non polyproline-specific tripeptide sequences. Pelechano V# and Alepuz P#. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017 May 26. doi:[…]


attending The Biology of RNA-Protein Complexes -Oct 2017 in Regensburg

It would be a pleasure to present our work in the upcoming conference The Biology of RNA-Protein Complexes (October 11th-14th, Regensburg, Germany). For those of you interested in RNA biology this conference provides an impressive program. Registration works on a first-come, first-served basis, and  closes on July 31st at midnight CET. Looking forward for a great meeting!