Opening for a Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology

We have one open position for a Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology. Please find detailed information and link to the application  system (MyNetwork) following the link below. Application deadline is February 29th 2020.

The available postdoctoral position (stipend) concerns developing and applying novel genomic and computational approaches to study RNA metabolism and ribosome dynamics. The candidate will focus on the computational analysis of newly developed methods to study ribosome dynamics, mRNA degradation and tRNA processing (e.g. Pelechano et al. Cell 2015). The candidate is expected to contribute his/her own ideas to the common goal of understanding how RNA biology and post-transcriptional regulation contributes to the appearance of divergent cellular phenotypes. The candidate will perform original research in genomics and computational biology, and acquire the required experimental and computational skills necessary for the completion of the project. The candidate will use multiple model organism, from budding yeast (S. cerevisiae) to human.

The candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing analytical pipelines and integrate different kinds of genomic data to answer biologically relevant questions. The successful candidate will take a strong lead in the experimental design, and collaborate with other team members. The candidate is expected to communicate the scientific results by writing up scientific papers and attending scientific meetings. The ideal candidate is also expected to participate in the general duties of the team and to effectively communicate with scientists of very diverse backgrounds in a highly interdisciplinary and international environment.

The candidate will be part of a team funded by an ERC evaluated/Swedish funded grant ( and a Wallenberg Academy Fellowship 2016 to Vicent Pelechano (

Please apply and find more information following this link:

Postoc, ref.nmbr: 2-181/2020: