Postdoctoral Researcher in Eukaryotic RNA Genomics

Are you interested in unravelling the eukaryotic post-transcriptional regulatory code? Would you like to combine the use of cutting-edge genome-wide technologies with synthetic biology and machine learning to study RNA life? Come and join us at SciLifeLab!

Deadline 2024-02-25

The available postdoctoral position concerns developing and applying novel genomic approaches to study eukaryotic gene expression at an unprecedented scale combining experimental and computational approaches.

The candidate will work in the context of a recently awarded ERC synergy project (EPIC – Unravelling the eukaryotic post-transcriptional regulatory code) in collaboration with the labs of Prof. Kevin Verstrepen (Leuven) and Prof. Julien Gagneur (Munich). EPIC will combine the use of genomic, synthetic biology, machine learning and evolutionary approaches with the aim to understand the complete gene expression regulatory code of S. cerevisiae and other eukaryotes.

The recruited candidate will focus on mapping and prediction mRNA boundaries at an unprecedented scale. The candidate will also use the generated information to quantify and predict how mRNA variations lead to divergent mRNA fates. The candidate will integrate different experimental and computational approaches for the completion of the project, including genomics, yeast genetics, high-throughput biology approaches and bioinformatics. The candidate will perform original research in transcriptomics and computational biology, and acquire the required experimental and computational skills necessary for the completion of the project.

The candidate is expected to communicate the scientific results by writing up scientific papers and attending scientific meetings. The ideal candidate will participate in the general duties of the team and effectively communicate with scientists of very diverse backgrounds in a highly interdisciplinary and international environment.

Please apply and find more information  using the following link:

Deadline 2024-02-25