June 15, 2015


Prof. Paula Alepuz. (University of Valencia)

The Alepuz group studies posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression in S.cerevisiae.

Dr. Alfredo Castello. (Oxford University).

The Castello group aims at determining the repertoire of RBPs involved in virus infection and cell-cycle progression applying the state-of-the-art proteomics and RNA sequencing.

Prof. Sebastián Chavez (University of Sevilla -IBIS)

The Chavez group investigate gene expression, and focus their research  on transcription elongation, a key step in mRNA biogenesis that is closely related to mRNA processing and mRNA export.

Prof. Jesús de la Cruz Díaz (University of Sevilla -IBIS)

The de la Cruz  group studies molecular pathways of ribosome biogenesis.

Dr. Marc Friedländer. (Stockholm University – SciLifeLab).

The Friedländer group uses computational and genomic methods to study fundamental questions in quantitative RNA biology.

Prof. Julien Gagneur. (TUM – Genecenter Munich).

The Gagneur group combines computational and experimental approaches to further understand genetic and phenotypic variation on a genome-wide scale.

Dr. Claudia Kutter. (Karolinska Institutet – SciLifeLab).

The Kutter group uses  genomic to study the functional interactions of mammalian coding and noncoding transcriptomes.

Prof. Neus Visa (Stockholm University).

The Visa studies the mechanisms by which the RNA exosome contribute to chromatin regulation and genome integrity.

Dr. Sebastian Marquardt (Copenhagen Plant Science Centre).

The Marquardt group studies non-coding transcription in yeast and plants.

Prof. Francisco Navarro (University of Jaén).

The Navarro group focus on the genetic and biochemical analysis of the transcription machinery in S.cerevisiae.

Prof. José Enrique Perez Ortín. (University of Valencia)

The yeast functional genomic group of the University of Valencia develops of genomic tools to study the turnover of RNAs and study the mechanisms of coordination between transcription and mRNA stability in budding yeast.

Prof. Lars Steinmetz. (EMBL Heidelberg and Stanford University).

The Steinmetz group develops and applies interdisciplinary, genome-wide technologies to study genome regulation, the genetic basis of complex phenotypes and the genetic and molecular systems underpinning disease.

Prof. Per Sunnerhagen (University of Gothenburg).

The Sunnerhagen group studies posttranscriptional regulation under stress and stress granules.

Dr. Edward Wallace  (The University of Edinburgh)

The Wallace group studies RNA and Systems Biology in Fungi.

Prof. Wu Wei (CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology Shanghai).

The Wei group studies systems genomics, precision health and bioinformatics.