crosstalk between ribosome biogenesis and transcription elongation

Our collaborators from Sebastian Chavez lab (Seville)  have just published a new paper showing the crosstalk between ribosome biogenesis and transcription elongation. Glad to have contributed to this story.   The ribosome assembly gene network is controlled by the feedback regulation of transcription elongation. Fernando Gómez-Herreros Thanasis Margaritis Olga Rodríguez-Galán Vicent Pelechano Victoria Begley Gonzalo Millán-Zambrano Macarena[…]


Opportunities at FIMM

A friend of mine Simon Anders, who is opening  a new research group at FIMM, is looking for one PhD student and one Postdoctoral researcher with interest in bioinformatics and biostatistics and their application to molecular medicine and translational research (deadline 31 August 2015). His group will focus on the development of bioinformatics and biostatistics[…]